Rules Description

1. The press conference will be held in 2021, and the invitation letter will be applied on the Ethereum smart contract. The process is fair and transparent;

2. This event adopts invitation system, and we will screen by your "self-introduction" content;

3. 0.08 ETH will be charged as the participation fee, and those who are not invited will get a full refund within seven days after the conference;

4. Please fill in the E-mai address correctly, the invitation letter will be sent by E-mail;

5. Click "Contract Address" to view the smart contract code of the invitation letter.

6. The deadline for application is January 23, 2021;

7. The final interpretation of this event belongs to the organizer.

Participation steps



3. Note: If the invitee's payment is more than 0.08 ETH, the excess will be returned to the original account within seven days after the conference.

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